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Creating Psychological Safety for Black Women at Your Company

Co-Author, Harvard Business Review


Feelings of inclusion, connection, and trust with colleagues and managers are harder to come by for Black women due to the historical and sociocultural context of the U.S. workplace, and more broadly, our country. My co-author and I show that Black women require differentiated solutions to feel psychologically safe at work and offer strategies for how to do it.


Equity-Centered Employee Engagement Leads to Collective Liberation & Joy

Guest, Well Woman Show, an NPR Podcast 


In many organizations, when workplace trends like vulnerability, psychological safety, and concepts such as "leaning in" gain traction and attention from dominant groups, those of us with marginalized identities often find our own stories and perspectives sidelined in the mainstream dialogue. The repercussions of this exclusion are significant because it's this dialogue that shapes the changes within spaces where we must exist. Check out this dynamic and insightful 45-minute conversation hosted by Giovanna Rossi, where we delve into this topic and its implications for inclusive workplaces.

We Can't Afford to Wait: How to Create Workplaces That Uplift Black Women

Panel Producer & Moderator, LinkedIn Live 

In an hour-long panel event both curated and hosted by me, hear from an exceptional, multiracial group of women whose insights, diverse backgrounds, and unwavering dedication to uplifting experiences for Black women serve as an inspiration to all. As Angela Glover Blackwell emphasized in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, the thriving of Black women within an organization often signifies broader success. This conversation is unlike any other, offering unique perspectives and track records of empowerment and support from each panelist.

Episode 108 - Viva Asmelash.png

Empowering Workplace Diversity with Systemic Change

Guest, Inspiring Leadership Podcast 


How do you foster diversity and inclusion to drive positive organizational change? Imagine a workplace where every voice is celebrated, and everyone feels a sense of belonging. In an empowered workplace, everyone can take ownership of their journey toward equity and inclusion and feel supported. In this podcast hosted by Kristen Harcourt, we explore these topics and more. I also reflect on what inspiring leadership means to me, in sharing my own deeply personal journey of self-discovery and loving myself through challenges and mistakes.

Sustainable DEI Strategy

Guest, KORE WOMEN Podcast


KORE WOMEN Podcast is hosted by Dr. Summer Watson, who brilliantly creates a platform for women to openly discuss their challenges, insights, experiences, and creative endeavors. In this engaging discussion, I reflect on wisdom gained throughout my life and work, plus why I think, “miraculous” is the one word that sums up my journey so far.


Beyond Kanye: 6 Things Everyone Should Know About Mental Illness

Contributing Writer, The Every Girl


Drawing from both my professional and personal experiences, I understand the profound impact of mental health challenges, as I've supported close family members through their own journeys for over two decades. Here are six essential insights that everyone, irrespective of their role in the workplace or family, should grasp about mental illness.


Conversation on Creating Psychological Safety for Black Women in Organizations

Co-Interviewee, LinkedIn Live with Aerodei

Expanding upon the success of our widely-shared Harvard Business Review article, we sit down with Aerodei CEO, Netta Jenkins, for an insightful discussion. Together, we reflect on our shared experiences as Black women and consultants, driving significant change within organizations from the ground up.

Psychological Safety

Guest Speaker, Delta Talks


Delta CEO and founder Dr. Doyin Atewologun, along with Delta consultant Michael Puchalla, Relevé founder Agatha Agbanobi, and myself, engage in a discussion on the concept of psychological safety and its pivotal role in cultivating an inclusive and supportive work environment. We explore how our identities influence our sense of psychological safety and offer evidence-based, actionable tips to foster such an environment for all employees.


Shifting from Control to Liberation in Workplace Performance Processes

Co-Author, B The Change


There’s no shortage of advice on developing workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. Yet, it’s clear that many still haven’t considered performance management systems and how they do (or don’t) foster growth for all employees — regardless of their identities or leadership styles of those employees. Gain practical advice in this helpful article from Michael Gregor and me.

Point of Pride: How to be More than an Ally

Panelist, ONE Community


It's crucial to evolve allyship past mere titles and focus on action rather than position. True allyship is demonstrated through tangible behaviors and efforts to support marginalized groups. This includes actively listening to their experiences, amplifying their voices, advocating for their rights, and taking meaningful actions to dismantle systemic barriers. It requires ongoing education, self-reflection, and a commitment to using one's privilege and influence to create positive change. Hear more in this informative panel conversation.

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