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Signature Workshop: 
The Myth of Advocacy as Personal Risk

Do advocacy and allyship really have to feel so personally risky? And from ripples to waves, how can we affect change in our own spheres of influence when we hold some form of power? This hybrid experience—part keynote and part workshop—outlines how being true to oneself intersects with championing and advocating for others. I share the personal journey of finding my own voice as a first-generation Black immigrant woman, and perspectives on why identifying and embodying a personal brand of advocacy are inextricably linked to living an authentic life of legacy and meaning. The experience culminates in guiding participants through a self-reflection exercise to identify their own personal brand of advocacy.  


This is an ideal offering for team retreats, ERGs, heritage months, and/or leadership summits. 

Session outcomes: 

  • Hear engaging and accessible content, regardless of previous exposure to topics 

  • Space to begin examining the connection between one's personal values and how they manifest in the workplace

  • Understand the concept of intersectional feminism and solidarity 

  • Opportunity to pinpoint custom and concrete actions for deeper advocacy of marginalized groups in the workplace 

Brand + Communications Support

Ongoing, as-needed support auditing internal + external messaging and processes with an inclusive, on-brand lens. I leverage the intersection of my experiences in purpose-driven branding, powerful messaging, and world-class people operations to help clients level up everything from candidate communications to onboarding processes to social media—all with an eye toward authentic content and tone that resonates with a wider range of audiences. 

Employee Education + Engagement

Consistent employee education is an essential component of any meaningful DEI strategy. I work with leaders to design and facilitate critical foundational learning opportunities for their teams. I push beyond the reactive approaches to traditional "diversity training" to help groups process and heal past challenges while beginning to build an environment where everyone can thrive.


Workshop topics regularly covered with client groups include:

  • Exploring Personal Identity + The Privilege Spectrum

  • Psychological Safety in Inclusive Spaces

  • Practical Tools for Creating a Culture of Healthy Feedback

  • Components of Inclusive Leadership 

  • Understanding Microaggressions: How to Call In/Out 

  • Core Components of Developing Sustainable DEI Strategy 

Dedicated Strategy Consulting 

Kickstarting your internal DEI initiative and looking for support? Ideally following your participation in my signature H@W program, we'll partner on a journey to build a solid foundation, analyzing everything from culture and hiring strategies to employee education and customer diversification—and we'll uplift your whole team in the process. Together, we'll build lasting impact through a long-term, concrete inclusion & belonging strategy for every strata of your organization.

Speaking & Advocacy Work

Having delivered hundreds of presentations throughout my career, I've honed sharing an accessible mix of authenticity, knowledge, and quirkiness that makes each connection count. From panels to keynotes, I leverage a first-person lens on workplace diversity, mental health activism, and more.


Watch my 2021 International Women's Day Keynote for global firm, MiQ!

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