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I believe that healthy human connections are the foundation for more joyful and meaningful work.

I believe that healthy human connections are the foundation for more joyful and meaningful work.

Core Values






Meet Viva Asmelash

I'm a first-generation Eritrean-American woman, whose mother—while pregnant with me—emigrated to the United States as a political refugee with three other small children. This has given me a unique, life-long perspective on race, gender, culture, belonging, privilege, and access to education. The intersection of being both Black and from an immigrant family shapes my lens on everything! I've also had the unique responsibility of supporting multiple immediate family members on health journeys, which has illuminated the dire need for equity work in our healthcare and legal systems, as well as in our workplaces, to understand these caregiver experiences better. It's what's led me to become an active mental health advocate and former member of the Sacramento County Mental Health Board.


With these lenses and my 15+ years of industry experience, I now work with select clients like global marketing firm MiQ, IDEO U, Capital Group, Reverb, Reading Partners, Ritual Vitamins, August Public, and Port of Long Beach to share my insights and strategies to deepen their employee well-being efforts and inclusion ethos, beginning with thoughtful communication to their internal stakeholders.



Glen Tripp | Founder + CEO, Galileo Learning

I had the honor of working with Viva for seven years at Galileo. As one of the key leaders of our People team, Viva drove the development of our brand as an employer while making us a better place to work every single day she was here. She enabled us to successfully hire thousands of year around and summertime employees every year, and led our efforts to be a more inclusive and diverse place. I can't recommend her work highly enough.

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