Humanity @ Work: Project Launchers



What is H@W Project Launchers?

A five week program for action-oriented leaders to develop a customized diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) ethos + foundational plan through:

  • Engaging in 60-90 minute virtual learning and discussion sessions, along with 1-2 hours of required weekly independent work 

  • Banding together with an intimate cohort of like-minded peers for relevant info-sharing, and confidential support

  • Gaining insights and specific, candid weekly written “homework” feedback, arming you with project plan consulting from an experienced DEI professional within a budget-friendly framework

  • Leveraging weekly office hours, plus 1-2 dedicated, forty-five minute consultant sessions for you and members of your org (during week 3 or later) 

Who is the H@W program for?


A range of leaders across industries, though most ideal for smaller companies (250 or fewer employees) whose leadership is interested in prioritizing a long-term strategy. These might include:

  • HR professionals 

  • Members of employee resource groups (ERGs) 

  • Educators or non-profit leaders interested in creating more inclusive spaces 

  • Manager or director level professionals recently assigned to DEIB efforts 

  • Company leadership wanting to prioritize this work, but are unsure where to start 

What makes this program different?

Your team could be five weeks away from launching a comprehensive, mission-driven DEI program that reflects the intersection of:

  • Inclusion project planning (including auditing hiring processes)

  • Internal & external communications

  • Envisioning a tiered, long-term employee education & engagement

Please note: this program is designed to be a creation of—and kick-off to—a sustainable strategy, and should not be considered the whole of your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion effort (or budget) for a successful first year. Ongoing commitment of team members and dedicated employee education budget will be integral to project efficacy, following H@W program participation. 

Weekly Outline & Cost Structure

  • Week 1: Cohort Kickoff; Data Collection & Identifying Pain Points 

  • Week 2: Partnering With Leadership & Developing Your Outcomes

  • Week 3: Assembling & Mobilizing Your Team

  • Week 4: Drafting & Launching Your Strategy

  • Week 5: No Session (recommendations for your final project plan returned to you)

Program Pricing 

It's important to me that the VA pricing structure reflects my core values, and that the most marginalized among us (or those that serve marginalized communities and/or youth) have greatest accessibility in participation in anything I create, including the H@W program. 

  • Black-Owned Businesses: Pay what you want (up to 25% of spots in each cohort)

  • Individuals, School Districts, Small Non-Profits: $950

  • Tech, Finance, Fashion, Entertainment, Government or other orgs: pricing structure based on company size (beginning at $1,850)

Next cohort launches this Fall!