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Humanity @ Work: Project Launchers



What is H@W Project Launchers?

A five week program for action-oriented leaders to develop a customized diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) ethos + foundational plan through:

  • Engaging in 60-90 minute virtual learning and discussion sessions, along with 1-2 hours of required weekly independent work 

  • Banding together with an intimate cohort of like-minded peers for relevant info-sharing, and confidential support

  • Gaining insights and specific, candid weekly written “homework” feedback, arming you with project plan consulting from an experienced DEI professional within a budget-friendly framework

  • Leveraging weekly office hours, plus 1-2 dedicated, forty-five minute consultant sessions for you and members of your org (during week 3 or later) 

Who is the H@W program for?


A range of leaders across industries, though most ideal for smaller companies (250 or fewer employees) whose leadership is interested in prioritizing a long-term strategy. These might include:

  • HR professionals 

  • Members of employee resource groups (ERGs) 

  • Educators or non-profit leaders interested in creating more inclusive spaces 

  • Manager or director level professionals recently assigned to DEIB efforts 

  • Company leadership wanting to prioritize this work, but are unsure where to start 

What makes this program different?

Your team could be five weeks away from launching a comprehensive, mission-driven DEI program that reflects the intersection of:

  • Inclusion project planning (including auditing hiring processes)

  • Internal & external communications

  • Envisioning a tiered, long-term employee education & engagement

Please note: this program is designed to be a creation of—and kick-off to—a sustainable strategy, and should not be considered the whole of your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion effort (or budget) for a successful first year. Ongoing commitment of team members and dedicated employee education budget will be integral to project efficacy, following H@W program participation. 

Weekly Outline 

  • Week 1: Cohort Kickoff; Data Collection & Identifying Pain Points 

  • Week 2: Partnering With Leadership & Developing Your Outcomes

  • Week 3: Assembling & Mobilizing Your Team

  • Week 4: Drafting & Launching Your Strategy

  • Week 5: No Session (recommendations for your final project plan returned to you)

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